Acorn House

Our Year 2 pupils at Acorn House ECJS are delighted to have the opportunity to design and decorate our very own Guernsey Goat, sponsored by Up Climbing.


Climbing is proving to not only be a great sport for all ages, but is highly beneficial for both the body and the mind. It can develop so many skills such as coordination, concentration, determination and enhances problem solving skills, to name but a few.  Our design will be based on the bright geometric shapes that feature on the ‘Up’ wall in Rue du Galaad, so ‘Gaston’ will be covered in tessellating multi coloured triangles which should challenge and entertain us as much as tackling a climb at Up Guernsey does.


Adult Disability Day Centre

At The Adult Disability Day Service we are very interested in partaking in a Community projects when we can, so when the opportunity arose to paint one of the golden Guernsey goats, we felt it would be a great project to engage in and get our service users involved in. 


At the day service we support adults with learning disabilities to participate in community activities, jobs and to learn life skills, so having this opportunity to paint a goat has been brilliant and we hope it will raise the awareness of our service and make us feel even more part of the community.


Our team of staff and service users were paired up with Guernsey Girl Guides, who held their own competition to decide which design would be chosen. The Day Service was able to choose between the two final designs.  We have chosen the design and have started to paint our goat, we hope we can do the guides proud and create and bring to life the goat they have imagined.

Adult Disability 4.jpeg
Adult Disability.jpg

Amanda Cook

I have a degree in textile design and an MA in Adult Education. I worked as a designer in the UK and after returning to Guernsey I taught a variety of art classes for Adult Education and managed the Guernsey Tapestry Gallery at St James. I decorated a donkey and a cow for the previous parades and currently work for Guernsey Museum.


My goat’s name is Goat d’Azur and the design is focused around celebrating the azure waters and the biodiversity of the Guernsey coastal landscape.

Amanda Cook.jpeg

Amherst School

We are the children from Amherst Primary. We are a 3 form  entry school in St Peter Port with 485 children. We are home to the Island’s Primary Autism Base for children with language and communication difficulties and were very keen to be part of the Goat Parade supporting Autism Guernsey & GALP.


We are delighted to have been asked to design and paint Gerpy, the goat for the Hotel Jerbourg.


Annabel Ede-Golightly

Annabel is a local artist who combines her creativity with her passion for pastoral care and building community.   Annabel is a Licensed Lay Minister at the Parish Church if St Pierre du Bois where she leads in championing and facilitating art projects to promote well-being and simply to have fun.

The name Melchizedek is taken from a story in the Hebrew Bible where this unknown and mysterious priest of Salem blesses Abraham.   Annabel will paint on the goat stories of blessing recorded throughout the Bible.

Annabel Ede-Golightly.jpeg

Arts for Impact

Arts for Impact applies creative skills, processes, support and social capital to achieve a societal impact. One core mission of Arts for Impact is to create opportunities for our community to access high quality art activities to support their health and wellbeing. One part of our programme sees us delivering weekly art drop-in sessions on Wednesday mornings at the Styx Centre. The goat project will be led by Arts for Impact but will be co-designed and painted by some of our workshop participants as a spin-off activity at other times.

About our design: The chosen concept is a reflection and response to the site and landscape at La Vallette. Our Arts for Impact - InShape workshops encourage each individual to connect components and ideas to develop unique and special creations. Louvre have a strong connection to the site as they have supported the Castle swim for a number of years and as a group they have strong connections to the sea and our beautiful island.


Athene Sholl

Jeweller Athene Sholl makes each piece by hand in her St Peter Port studio using sterling silver, 9ct and 18ct gold. Inspired by the natural beauty in the world around us, Athene designs collections which celebrate the delightful and fabulous irregularities of nature (we like to call it wonkiness). 


With a degree in Silversmithing and Jewellery from London Guildhall University – Sir John Cass (1996), Athene has been designing and making jewellery since 1991, and has been represented by 35 galleries, boutiques and museum shops across the British Isles. 


Her current fascinations are colour theory and how that affects our daily lives, and the mathematical details of natural surface details. 


She is planning a baroque design, working with her favourite theme of spirals, with gorgeous silver and gold embellishments making up a richly textured surface.


Beckie Bailey

My name is Beckie Bailey and I’m an animal care assistant at the GSPCA. I also have a love for art, that is what I studied at The Arts University of Bournemouth. I’m really excited to merge my two passions in life, art and animals to create something educational but also rewarding to help a local charity.

Beckie Bailey.jpeg

Becky Rowe Jewellery & Susi Matthews

Local Jewellery Designer Becky Rowe has joined forces with local Artist Susi Matthews again.  For the last project eight years ago, Becky & Susi decorated a Cow which they named Skully.  In keeping with the previous crystal theme, they will be following a geometric pattern which is inspired by Becky’s love of Geometric Diamonds.

Auto Collision Repairs will have something slightly different in their spray booth as they have kindly offered to assist with the base colour coating.

Becky Rowe.jpeg

Carol Guille & Clarice Greening

Carol Guille


I joined a painting circle in 1991 and thoroughly enjoyed experimenting with oils. I have never had lessons but learned the art of mixing colours through trial and error. Painting with oils is very forgiving as you can cover your mistakes and try again!


I received a certificate of excellence for my painting ‘Ormering’ in the millennium art competition but am probably better known for the mugs and placemats that were sold in Guernsey on which were printed copies of my paintings of local scenes.


I was asked by Chris and Jo Guille, from La Villette Garage, if I would paint their goat. Because it is sponsored by their garage and would sit on their forecourt, they wanted it to be a mechanical goat without losing its sweet, cuddly appearance. 


Clarice Greening


My love of fine drawing started when I was about 11. I used to sit at my desk and draw things around my room that I could see. I was so excited by the challenge of drawing in the most detail it would look like I had cloned my still life figures. Still, 10 years later, the attention to detail still excites me. Lately I have been experimenting more, using mediums such as oil paints, chalk and charcoal, watercolour and fine liners.


I was shortlisted for the Sovereign Arts Prize in 2015 and 2017 and I had my first solo exhibition in 2018 as well as taking part in a group show in Jersey last year.


I have really enjoyed working on this project as painting on a goat is so different from my usual work. It gives me the opportunity to experiment with different mediums and enables me to gain experience.

Carol Guille, Clarice Greening.jpeg

Castel School

My name is Victoria Conner (I’m the one in red) and I am a year 3 teacher and the Art Lead at Castel primary school. My LSA is called Mrs Divall and she has been fantastic helping with this project.


Due to the restrictions, the goat was painted by the children of Year 3 with two children being taken at a time to paint either the white background, the black lines or colour the squares in.


The children have been learning about types of lines, right angles and Piet Mondrian in Maths and Art and so this is how we came up with the design.


We have 54 children in year 3 and everyone of them has contributed. They are very proud of themselves. 


Catherine James

My work is inspired by different aspects and memories of my childhood. Like childlike stories and games a certain innocence and naivety runs through my work, sometimes having darker undertones. Playing with paper and getting immersed into the illustrations in books and the colourful characters in the comics and annuals from my childhood are all a catalyst for my work, and the imagery that I am fascinated with.


I use a wide variety of media and materials from silkscreen prints where I delicately represent my love of the classic fairytale characters, to sculpture where I use modrock and plaster to create body casts. I work with the sculptural casts and collages from comics and annuals to investigate childhood and nostalgia as it relates to the body.


As I mainly work with paper and collage I have decided to collage the Guernsey Goat using vintage style holiday posters of Guernsey (produced by British Railways) from the 50s, 60s and 70s to produce a nostalgic montage of our beautiful island of Guernsey. The goat will be coated in a very high quality UV protecting varnish to reduce fading.

Catherine James_20210112-114328.png

Channel Islands Adjusters Limited

Channel Islands Adjusters Limited have sponsored their goat which they have named Greta. The goat, which has been decorated by the CIA staff, is to highlight all the creatures of the world and along with the rainbow, is to show that we should all be working together for the sake of the planet. The theme arose following the worldwide pandemic.


Dan Smith - Smith Signs

Christophe of Christies Restaurants approached Smith Signs to help him with designing and painting the goat. Founded in 1970, Smith Signs is Guernsey’s longest established and largest sign company, specialising in all aspects of sign, print, design, internal graphic display and vehicle livery. 


They were originally going to gild it with 22 carat gold, but unfortunately another artist was doing this so it was back to the drawing board!


What Dan has now is “The Silver Surfer” which is linked to Crabby Jacks with a Hawaiian shirt and flowers theme.

Dan Smith.jpeg

Dominic Wheadon

Born in Guernsey, studied Art Foundation in Bournemouth, then Industrial Model Making in Kent.


This led to a career from Architecture through T.V to film work such as Braveheart, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Event Horizon, & Mary Poppins Returns.  

I’ve always kept a studio & painted so I went back to school & studied Fine Art in 2003.


I’ve painted & sculpted all my life and now I take my inspiration from Guernsey’s beautiful coastline.

Dom Wheadon.jpeg

Forest Primary School

Born in Guernsey, studied Art Foundation in Bournemouth, then Industrial Model Making in Kent.


This led to a career from Architecture through T.V to film work such as Braveheart, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Event Horizon, & Mary Poppins Returns.  

I’ve always kept a studio & painted so I went back to school & studied Fine Art in 2003.


I’ve painted & sculpted all my life and now I take my inspiration from Guernsey’s beautiful coastline.

Forest Sch 5.JPG

Golden Guernsey Goats Cheese & Volunteers

We all help out at The Goat Farm in St Peter's and love promoting this rare breed

Golden Guernsey Goat at various shows and events throughout the year, but also just

love looking after them. There is a lot of work involved, feeding, mucking out, showing folks around on farm tours and washing and grooming: With all this in mind our design shows a

golden goat covered in lots of coloured different size hand prints because "Many hands make light work".  We range in age from as young as 15 months to 23 yrs 


Volunteers include Emma Girard - Katie White - Lizzie Bates - Joshua Silk - Abbie Girard -Charis Merrien - Miriam Girard - Esther Girard - Naomi Girard - Annaleise Girard - Jake Girard and Finley Presland.

Guernsey Goat Farm.jpeg

Grow Limited

Growty, Savills’ goat, has currently made its home with Jessica Aughton the assistant manager at Grow.  Savills approached Grow to be our artist as they are conscious of the great work we do within the community and the support to provide beneficial work.


Growty was picked up by Grow on his arrival into the island with his siblings. Grow were full of enthusiasm and looking forward to painting him as a team. Unfortunately and with heavy hearts they had to send all of their crew home due to the Covid-19, and were left with Growty unpainted and in need of some attention.

The assistant manager, Jess volunteered to take him home and start to begin to decorate him. Jess has given him some attention and she reports he’s beginning to look quite goatilicious!.


We are looking forward to the Golden Guernsey Goat Parade when goats will brighten up the island.  We hope Growty will put Grow in the forefronts of people’s minds as Guernsey’s only Rural Occupation Workshop for their Crew.  Like most charities Covid-19 has had a significant impact on Grow and they require all the support that the community can provide.


Iris & Dora

Our idea is to reflect how tricky the world can be, seen through the eyes of someone who has to live with Autism.


The design is unique, complex and sometimes can be hard to understand but is equally beautiful and if you look hard enough you will find hidden surprises and codes.


We thought this would be a wonderful way to raise awareness for Autism, celebrate the gifts and qualities that those individuals bring to our community and show that even if at a first glance things may seem complicated, you will always find a way through.

Iris & Dora.jpg

Jessica Travis

Jess Travis is a local artist who enjoys making digital art and oil paintings.

When the opportunity to paint a goat came up I was really excited to get involved with the project especially as Autism Guernsey is a charity close to my heart. I really like tattoos and body art so I decided to paint my goat with Traditional style tattoos all with a Guernsey/Bailiwick theme.

Jessica Travis.jpeg

Jill Vaudin

Jill Vaudin Publishing is dedicated to producing original and fun Guernsey Gifts and Souvenirs for the local and visitor market.

We supported the Cows on Parade and had great fun creating 'Jubilee' Very excited to be involved with the Goat's in 2020 and using a play on words for 'Coat' are planning a bright and colourful entry.

Jill Vaudin.jpeg

Karen Solway

Karen Solway, Chair of Guernsey Wooden Spoon. I enjoy art, and have dabbled in fluid art, and painting funky flower paintings. My niece and nephew have enjoyed our painting sessions so came to help paint Destiny.  Therefore I am painting for the enjoyment and to support a great charity.


The goat is painted in the same style as the Aurigny livery with the Yellow and Guernsey flag at the back. On the body of the goat there are geographical map shapes to represent all the destinations that Aurigny flies to. Within each shape is the airport code, for example on the London geographical shape there is the code LGW

Karen Solway.jpeg

Ladies College

Thank you to The Ladies’ College for designing ‘Miriam’, Deloitte’s Golden Goat - in support of Autism Guernsey.


The initial concept for Miriam was inspired by British artist, Stephen Wiltshire who is best known for his detailed ‘cityscapes’. Stephen as a child was mute and diagnosed as autistic at three years’ old. Sixth Form student, Louise Le Tissier took inspiration from Stephen for her A-Level portfolio and her work became the initial concept for Miriam.


Key landmarks of Guernsey have been drawn around Miriam in the style of Stephen Wilshire, celebrating our beautiful island and recognisable landmarks. The team included members of the Sixth Form and teachers from the art department with all hands on deck. 

Ladies College.HEIC

Le Mare de Carteret High School

The La Mare De Carteret high school artistic salon welcome our new client - Rosie the goat. He/ She stands pink and proud but in desperate need of a make-over to boost morale having felt a little neglected over the COVID pandemic isolation period. In order to represent Collas Crill who are supporting Autism Guernsey and the work they do, the students have welcomed Rosie into school and it is boosting confidence mutually benefiting all.


Some students have never been involved in this type of project so are proud to seize the opportunity of being involved. Some students have close family friends who suffer with the struggles of daily life being autistic and therefore wanted to support the project.


Other students have found solace in the quiet of the art room. Finally we have many talented and budding artists and this is the perfect opportunity to show their talents. Rosie is receiving a pretty facial, body decoration and full flower tattoos to cover her/ his modesty.

La Mare High.jpeg

Le Rondin School

The artists, the children at Le Rondin School, love to get involved in local art initiatives, so painting the goat really appealed to us. This project enriched our topic, ‘Glorious Guernsey,’ that we were doing at the time.

On receiving the model, all the children explored design ideas and then suggested a name, with ‘Toffee’ being the final one pulled out of a hat in an assembly. Seeking further inspiration, the children researched images of ‘Glorious Guernsey’ online and voted for their favourite. Fort Grey was the winning picture and was combined with earlier ideas to create the final design. It was essential for our goat to be inclusive to allow the children in our school to enjoy him. We therefore took an experimental approach by creating texture on the surface of the goat to create a sensory experience.

Painting began during the first lockdown by those accessing school and after the second lockdown, Toffee was passed around the school following Covid guidelines. Every child was able to add an image of a dancing character, in the style of Keith Haring and a flower. These images represent the joyful characters within our community and the natural beauty of ‘Glorious Guernsey.’

Le Rondin.JPG

Les Voies School

Miss Thompson and the students at Les Voies School are excited for the public to meet Victor HuGoat, after lodging in a ‘top secret’ cupboard! Students have really enjoyed working together on a project that ultimately will benefit others!


The colour choice for Victor is taken from Hauteville House and is accompanied by an inky design that is taken from the creative imagination of Victor Hugo himself!

Les Voies.jpg

Lucy Gosselin

Lucy Gosselin is a local artist, and with the assistance of Lilly and Isabelle Watson, they have designed and painted ‘Frank’ for their sponsor F Watson & Son. Frank is named after the founder of F Watson & Son which celebrated their 75th birthday last year. 

The design was inspired by the Guernsey orchid fields next to one of their construction sites. The rainbow ears were the idea of Lilly and Isabelle to represent Guernsey Together 2021 and the gold features are in reference to the Golden Guernsey goat.

Lucy Gosselin.jpeg

Marsh & Lucas Families

The Marshes are long-time residents of Guernsey (40+ years) the Lucas clan are Guernsey born and bred .


We form a group who like Sunday dinners , often accompanied by wine, where schemes are hatched out.


We had the best float in the 2015 Liberation Carnival, a 40 foot conger eel for the Millennium parade, a prize winning Soap –Box car.

Marsh & Woodland.JPG

Melrose School

Mrs Morris and Year 6 at Melrose are always up for a challenge so when the chance came along to be involved with an art project that was also for 2 super charities, we leapt at the chance! We ran a competition to select our favourite designs and then set to work.


Unfortunately Lockdown then came along, but as soon as we were back to school again, it was all hands on deck to get Gorgeous completed.


We have used the colours of Alliance and tried to feature fresh fruit in our design. We have had great fun doing this and can not wait to see Gorgeous when she is in the parade. We have become very fond of her and wish we could keep her. We have now adopted our own motto-#gorgeousgirlstogether which includes her and our whole class!

Melrose School.jpg

Nedgroup Trust

The staff at Nedgroup Trust are using their lunchtimes to decorate their goat in a patchwork quilt effect. After research, this design was chosen due to the bright colours and the way they appeal to those with autism.


This is a team effort with the whole office behind the team working on Neddie!


Notre Dame du Rosaire School

Notre Dame du Rosaire children are working with their classroom assistant Mr Guilmoto designing a goat for The Farmhouse.


Mrs Guilmoto is a talented artist and, with the children, has designed a goat based on the décor of The Farmhouse combining butterflies with flowers.  We are now hoping to continue the project during lockdown, with the children sending in their designs to be put on the goat, plus key worker children painting the goat.


Oberlands Centre

The goat the service users at Oberlands Centre are painting is called Chervil.  The idea for our design is based on chervil being a common wild herb in Guernsey and was used to flavour goat’s cheese. 


The characters are from a children’s story “The adventures of Parsley the Lion” by Michael Bond who went on to write Paddington Bear.  Each are named after common garden herbs; Dill the dog, Tarragon the dragon, Sage the owl, Mr. Onion and the Chive children. 


The bees are a reference to the local pollinator project and their importance in the garden.


Olivia Avery

I am keen to support the two charities to raise as much money as possible and I thought it would be great to have the opportunity to paint a goat. I enjoy spending my time with animals, horse riding, being creative and writing film scripts.  


Sequent have sponsored this goat and having explained my ideas I have been able to incorporate the fingerprints of the staff at Sequent within the map of Guernsey. The goat is brightly coloured so that it will stand out. The design has quite a lot of detail in the hope that people will enjoy looking at the different elements painted on the goat. 


I researched the meaning of Guernsey and found that historically in Old Norse, the compound of ‘Granis’ and ‘ey’ in folk etymology means ‘green’ ‘island’.  This led me onto researching Celtic and Nordic art style and design including symbols. I discovered that Thor, the god of thunder had a chariot that was pulled by goats. The design includes waves and a Nordic style compass on the goats left shoulder as we are surrounded by the sea. The symbol for good luck is included on the goats nose, a bumble bee on its right shoulder which is considered in Guernsey folk law to be good luck for sailors and the symbol for protection on its chest. The bright colours represent the sunsets that we experience living in Guernsey. You will also find a couple of Guernsey Lily’s on the goat.  


The colour scheme incorporates green for Guernsey, blue as this is the colour of Sequent’s branding, gold to reflects the breed name the ‘Golden Guernsey’ and pink to represent the Guernsey Lily.


Penelope Eyre

Penelope Eyre is a contemporary artist who draws her creativity from her love for animals, nature and the people and things that surround her.


Born in Guernsey, Penelope specialises in watercolour paints, perceiving the joyous and playful movements of animals. She interprets the characters of each individual animal, giving it personality, movement and vibrant energy, which is enhanced by her vibrant use of colour. 


Her passion for interpreting animals breeds is influenced by her interest and knowledge in colour therapy. Colour psychology is known to aid with calmness, art can be used as a treatment therapy and is of immeasurable benefit to so many.


Please follow this goat story with me to see how he evolves!

Penelope Eyre.JPG

Pete Sirett

Following a 28 year career in electronics I became a conveyancing clerk at a lawyer’s office; after about 12 years I was elected as a politician and during the next 14 years served in several different branches of the States. My father was an accomplished artist and I started painting good watercolours badly about 12 years ago.


Rob Sweeney, a local artist and teacher was an inspiration and helped me to develop what little talent I had. My goat will feature a blanket coat of the Autism Guernsey jigsaw puzzle in bright colours.


What you can see of the goat will be painted true to life which I think will emphasise the colours in the jigsaw. I look forward to developing the idea and providing Autism Guernsey with something that will raise loads of money for their cause.

Pete Sirett.JPG

Rob Sweeney

I am a local artist and teacher. I think this is a unique community project and evidence of it’s success is the number of cows from the last time this project was done still dotted around the island. Art should be fun and this is also for such a worthwhile cause.


Myself and ELM Compliance Consultants are really excited about producing our goat for this event.

Rob Sweeney image.jpg

Ryan Dawe

Ryan’s love for art and anything creative started at secondary school. He then moved onto Art & Design College in Guernsey, before furthering his skills at Southampton Solent University. Since completing his degree, Ryan has opened and co-owned Studio24, but is now in the process of opening his own studio.


JG Architecture and Ryan have chosen their design together to tie in the world of architecture, along with the island life of Guernsey.

Ryan Dawe.jpg

Sophie's Smile Ponies

Sophie’s Smile Ponies is a charity that provides therapeutic pony visits across the local community. We wanted to paint a goat to show support for this amazing initiative and it goes with our main ethos of making people smile! 


Together with Bullion rock, we have decided to paint our goat mostly gold. This represents the Golden Guernsey goat and Bullion rock offer investments in gold so it fits nicely with that too! We are also painting each hoof a different colour. The four colours represent the four elements that Bullion Rock offer investments in. These are: gold, silver, platinum and palladium.  We also hope to give our goat a unique hallmark, so watch this space!

Sophie Veron.jpeg

Specsavers Creative

Specsavers' award-winning Creative team handles all aspects of the creative process and came up with the famous ‘Should’ve gone to Specsavers’ line. The 85-strong team creates and produces everything from TV commercials and direct mail to in-store point of sale, online campaigns and websites. 


The name of the goat is Eye Candy and the abstract design uses a bright and colourful memphis-inspired background with illustrated eyes placed all over the goat.


St. Mary & St. Michael Catholic Primary School

St Mary and St Michael Catholic Primary School are always keen to get involved with local Art projects as we feel that the range of opportunities offered develop not only the children’s skills, but their understanding of the world around them and how they can make an impact in it. We have had discussions with the sponsor – Blanchelande Park and feel that the design raises current environmental issues.


We are going to incorporate wild flowers into the art work on ‘Blanche’ the goat. This idea is close to our hearts. Last year, the school were involved with ‘the pollinator project’ to try and raise awareness of the issues that we are facing with the decline in bee populations.


This year, Blanchelande park will also be planting a wildflower garden, which we hope to be able to visit. The aim is to create a bright and vibrant piece which celebrates diversity and raises awareness.


St. Sampson's High School

St. Sampson’s High School are painting two goats for Beaumont Specialist Contracting.


After discussion with Michael Beaumont we discussed all of the countries that their company visit and decided to looked at Art and Design from these countries as inspiration for the artwork that will go on the goats.

St Sampsons High.JPG


Bee-lly Goat celebrates our partnership with La Société Guernesiaise’s Pollinator Project – a local conservation group which aims to create habitats where pollinating insects can thrive.

Golden honeycomb hexagons mirror the Swoffers logo and Bee-lly provides a resting place for lots of busy bees as they go about their vital work pollinating our flowers and plants which provide much of the food we eat.


Bee-lly will find his perfect home in Swoffers office window until the Grand Auction.


Tiffany Matthews

My name is Tiffany Anna and I work full time as a self taught artist and photographer who works mainly from my Studio in Fountain Street.


My idea for the goat came to me during lockdown when I started painting bumblebee’s and all other abstract animals. I love to use colour and feel the design I’ve chosen will make everyone smile.

Tiffany Matthews.jpg

Tim Oldfield

I was born in Coventry in 1967 and moved to Guernsey in 1990.  My son, Cameron, was born here in 1997. I never started out to be an artist as my parents wanted me to get a 'real' job and half heartedly became a plumber which I hated.  I started off in Guernsey doing bar/hotel work and after getting married moved into more grounded work, Healthspan and the Guernsey Press as senior page planner.   I had always been keen on art and after taking voluntary redundancy from the press I opened my first art studio in Mill Street, followed by a studio in Mansell Street which was fantastic in the summer but hard in the winter.  I now work from home doing what I can with reclaimed materials.  Hope you like the 'Flamingoat’ sponsored by Naftel Associates.

Dedicated to my friend and inspiration

Stevie Ann Luxon

Tim Oldfield.jpg

Two Degrees North

Isabelle Vets have very kindly commissioned Two Degrees North to design and paint their Golden Guernsey Goat which will be called 'Jean Paul Goatier’ after the famous French fashion designer.


After discussions with Isabelle Vets we have decided to base the main design on his iconic perfume and aftershave bottles and advertising campaigns, also using elements of his own personal fashion style whilst giving the goat a bit of a punky edge with the use of bespoke hand-drawn graffiti style illustrations that will represent the care and love for the types of animals and pets that Isabelle Vets look after.

TwoDegreesNorth_GsyGoat 6.jpg

Vauvert School

Our theme for our goat is ‘Flamingoat’. The theme was suggested by our sponsors, Naftel Associates, which we thought would be a fun and inclusive project.


The goat will be decorated with flamingos drawn by every child in the school, some of which will be purple to reflect our sponsor’s corporate colours.


Victoria Kinnersly

I am a local Guernsey woman who likes painting and drawing.  A fellow Rotarian approached me on behalf of  Stuart Harrison at Appleby, to decorate a goat, bearing in mind sunflower symbol which I believe is for hidden disabilities. Vincent Van Goat was mentioned.  


Before Covid19 interfered, I suggested doing some of the painting work  with an autistic person.  So Plan B dictated that I did it by myself.  

The colours and shapes are of course borrowed from Vincent Van G, and the sunflowers slightly jollied-up from his work.