Who is Autism Guernsey?

Autism Guernsey is an independent charity and receives no statutory funding. We are a small team dedicated to improving the lives of those affected by autism in the Bailiwick who otherwise would not receive any services.

Our aims are to provide high quality, professional services and support; to create an empowered, knowledgeable and connected autism community; and to promote joint working initiatives across statutory, charity, private and voluntary bodies including policy development.

Autism Guernsey currently supports over 50 adults and 90 children / young people on the spectrum.

Autism Guernsey provide a number of services:

  • Advice and signposting services

  • Various groups for children and young people, including sporting activities and coding.

  • Outreach service.

  • Courses including SocialEyes, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) designed for individuals with autism, and other autism related courses and presentations.

  • Programmes for parents of children with autism such as the Sleep Better Programme.

  • Bespoke Autism Awareness Training sessions for corporates, local Government Departments, other charities, are available by request.

Who is GALP?

The Guernsey Adult Literacy Project is a charity which provide adults in Guernsey with opportunities to develop their literacy skills, including financial literacy.


In the UK there have been several research projects and reports which have highlighted the issues of poor literacy skills in the adult working population.


Although similar research has not been carried out in Guernsey, concerns around poor basic skills have been recognised as an important issue by various States departments and employers.


The Guernsey Adult Literacy Project (GALP), a charitable trust, was established in 2006 to help tackle the problem of adult literacy.


GALP works in partnership with other organisations including the Social Security Department, the Prison and the Probation Service. The charity also works with employers, providing literacy training in the workplace. 


GALP does not charge fees to its clients (most of them are not in a position to be able to pay fees). Consequently the charity welcomes donations and sponsorships as well as arranging various fund-raising activities.